September 28, 2016




Dear Hamtramck Public School Parents:


This morning a Horizon High School student, while walking in an alley to school, was approached by a man on foot who attempted to grab her backpack.   He was armed with a knife, but was unsuccessful.   This incident occurred behind PNC Bank. 


The man then went to Caniff Street and was cursing at a Kosciuszko Middle School student just East of Joseph Campau.  The student ran to a nearby car which was stopped at the intersection.  The student knew the people in the car and was driven to school.   The police were contacted and were able to apprehend the man shortly afterwards.


As in any instance that threatens the safety of our children, it is very important they know what to do.  Please speak with your children on a daily basis about their day to see if anything has happened that would cause alarm.   Also, discuss the following basic safety practices with your child.  


  • Never walk alone.   Always walk in groups.
  • Never take short cuts through alleys.
  • Always report any suspicious occurrences to school authorities.


A big thank you goes out to the Hamtramck Police Department for their quick action.  The man is in custody and will face criminal charges.



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