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The School District of the City of Hamtramck Earns Advanced Placement Honor Roll Status!

Honor Roll Press Release
Honor Roll Press Release

The High School class officers are currently preparing for our senior prom in May. We have created a Go Fund Me page to aid in funding this greatly anticipated event. In order to bring attention to our campaign, we are reaching out to our city leaders to spread the word. We would appreciate it if you would tell others about this fundraiser and help us ensure that all of our students are able to attend their prom!
Thank you in advance for your support.
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On November 15, 2016 the Hamtramck Board of Education adopted State Superintendent Brian Whiston’s November 14, 2016 statement regarding incidents of  harassing, bullying, intimidation and hateful speech since the  Presidential election on November 8, 2016.   


Hamtramck Public Schools is committed  to provide a safe school environment that ensures both the physical and emotional safety of all students and staff creating the conditions necessary to foster academic achievement.  


The following section of Mr. Whiston’s Statement clearly reflects our beliefs:


We need to cultivate and develop in our students a steadfast respect for all others, inclusive of race, religion, orientation, or social-economic standing. We must not let political rhetoric and actions diminish the positive learning environments we’ve worked so hard to nourish.   

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Thanks Hamtramck voters for approving
the Wayne County Education Enhancement Millage

The funding can be used by every public school district in Wayne County as that district sees fit. Each district in Wayne County receives an amount based on that community’s total taxable value and is distributed on a per pupil basis. Hamtramck Public Schools  is looking to bolster English Language Learners programming and staffing, expand facilities at the Kosciuszko campus and repair and improve facilities throughout Hamtramck Public Schools with the money generated by the enhancement millage. Along with the Board of Education and the entire HPS staff, I’m very appreciative of the support given by the voters of the city of Hamtramck not only for the enhancement millage but also for supporting the sinking fund millage, the non-homestead millage and the recreation millage. The entire “HPS family” is team with every team member working together to support public school education from PreK through grade 12 as well as Adult Education and recreation programming.


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HPS Student Calendar 2016-17  
HPS Staff Calendar 2016-17   

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Protect MI Child

The State of Michigan offers a free program to stop adult advertisements from reaching e-mails, mobile phones (text messaging ads), and instant messenger IDs. The Michigan Child Protection Registry, created by the Michigan State Legislature in 2004, allows Michigan schools and families to protect their students from receiving adult-oriented messages and can be located at Registered addresses and numbers are protected from messages that advertise pornography, tobacco, illegal drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Click the link above to register.


Superintendent Welcome Statement
Hamtramck Public Schools has been in operation for 130 years. We take great pride in being a long standing educational institution.  We have a diverse student population that is arguably the most diverse in the state. We view diversity as a strength and welcome all races and nationalities to our school district. No matter where you come from please look at HPS as your home.  

District Welcome!
We proudly educate over 2,900 students in all of our schools. We hope you’ll enjoy your tour of our district site. If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact us.

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