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Teaching and Learning

The Hamtramck Public School District is committed to providing a quality learning environment with expanded educational opportunities for all of our students.  Our students have been awarded some of the top awards and scholarships.  In Hamtramck we work collaboratively with our parents, staff and community leaders to work toward excellence. 

Our K-12 curriculum supports student achievement in areas such as mathematics, science, social studies, and language arts.  We also believe that our students need to participate in extra-curricular activities and electives such art, vocal music, instrumental music, physical education and robotics,  We believe that in order to receive a quality education every student must have these opportunities to develop their unique skills and talents. 

Social Studies
Our curriculum is designed to prepare students to be successful with 21st Century Skills and knowledge.  Our instructional staff continuously work to align their classroom instruction with the core curriculum. 

Students learn to:

  • Respect themselves and others.
  • Work collaboratively with others.
  • Process and apply information in a variety of situations.
  • Apply social studies concepts as responsible citizens that can participate effectively with their families, work group, and in their community.
  • Respond effectively to social and political issues that affect their lives.
  • Understand global interdependence and be empathic to issues which affect people in other countries.
  • Understand principles of economics.

Our Mathematics curriculum is designed to develop higher order thinking skills.  Working in Intellectual Learning Communities students learn how to problem solve and apply their thinking in a variety of situations.

Students learn to:

  • Use critical thinking skills to make decisions and solve problems. 
  • Investigate and resolve problems.
  • Work as a member of team to reach decisions.
  • Recognize the connections among mathematical topics, other disciplines, and everyday experiences.
  • Develop their mental mathematics skills.  
  • Understand and use measurement in everyday applications.
  • Develop geometric concepts and spatial relations sense.
  • Interpret and apply algebraic concepts and methods to solve real life problems.
  • Use and be competent in the selection and application of technological resources.
  • Communicate mathematical ideas in written and oral from.
  • Recognize, describe, and generalize patterns, relationships, and functions.
  • Develop estimations skills.
  • Use probability and statistical concepts and methods to solve problems.

Instructional Technology
All students will be able to:

  • Use technology in all content areas as a tool to increase communication, collaboration, cooperation, learning, decision making, and problem solving.
  • Develop an understanding of physical technology systems.
  • Use technology effectively in their daily lives.
  • Understand and apply ethical standards using technology.

English Language Arts     
All students will be able to:

  • Apply strategies to construct meaning using a variety of tests.
  • Become fluent readers with full comprehension.
  • Become lifelong readers who understand the importance of reading for enjoyment and information.
  • Become effective listeners.
  • Write effectively using standard English conventions.
  • Use oral language effectively and communicate with others.
  • Use a variety of resources and technologies independently and collaboratively to access information, improve skills and develop final products.

Hamtramck Public School District English Language Arts Curriculum for Grades K-6

The Hamtramck Public School District provides a set of English language arts competencies for each grade to ensure rigorous student academic performance. It is based on a philosophy of teaching and learning that is consistent with the current research, exemplary practices, and state and national standards.

The ultimate purpose of the English Language Arts curriculum is to teach students the language abilities they need to communicate effectively as individuals and as contributing members of society. It is a spiraling curriculum in the sense that many of the same skills develop over time.

At all grades students study some common content:

  • language of the discipline (plot, theme, setting, etc);
  • language conventions (sentence structure, mechanics, spelling and punctuation, etc.); and
  • different genres (fiction, non‐fiction, poetry, and drama).

The common content study, however, also involves age appropriate materials and different grade level expectations. The English Language Arts Course is the framework that guides classroom instruction and assessment for every student in the Hamtramck Public School District.

English Language Arts Curriculum:



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Grade 2:

Grade 3 

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